There was once a man.

This man who once was, once said that “history will have to record that the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people“. I think – though I might be wrong – he was talking about two world wars, colonization, slavery, and all that bullshit. But it could be he was just speaking about women not screaming enough when having sex.

The guy went pretty famous and even though he had no ties with the German thinker he got his name from – tanned skin, I believe – he is now known as Martin Luther King. Most Americans know him because he has a festivity and everything so they can go shoot some ducks over a long weekend. And the rest of the world knows him because he used drugs and dreamed a lot and then told everyone about it. Guy was pretty elocuent, too.

Just kidding. Was trying to break the ice with some American hatred, the truest hatred in the world.


Shall I cut the crap? Yes. What did I want to say? Oh, yes. Because of Martin and Luther and the King and all the prophets and for the sake of not being silent shall I publicly claim the following -nudge nudge- status: ISRAEL MAKES ME SICK. ISRAEL AS A THING, AS A CONCEPT, AS A COUNTRY, AS A SUM OF ITS CITIZENS. ISRAEL AND EVERYTHING THEY ACCOUNT FOR. ISRAEL AND EVERYONE, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, ORGANIZATION OR NATION WHICH SUPPORTS ITS ACTIONS. ISRAEL IS AN INMORAL STATE.

In fact, let me take that back. Morality has no stake here. Morality, if ever existed, took off the Middle East a while ago – with God as her companion. (Actually, I would bet my guts they have been making out there at heaven ever since, laughing their heads off out of us, but that’s another story.) I do not care who takes the moral credit here – oh moral credit where art thou? What I do care is that we often (“often” is such a soft word when you speak about frequency in the Western media) talk about morality as this dress that makes you look hot if you’re skinny but, if not, God you’re hurting my eyes – and by the way did you eat Antony and all of the Johnsons? In any case, almighty Israelis, they seem pretty worried because Hamas is winning the moral ground here. ‘Course they wouldn’t be worried because they are slaughtering children in front of everyone’s eyes – aren’t they even showing this on IMAX? “From Israel With Love.”

The sacrosant freedom of speech has gifted us with so varied Western media coverage it makes me want to cry. I am still astonished when thinking about the size of the Universe – and that of the media stupidity. Yes, they label Hamas as a terrorist organization. Like, 90% of them. Pure and simple: terrorist. Hamas (please forgive me you democrat lovers for bringing this up) is also the elected ruler party in the Gaza Strip. “Elected”, from the verb elect, and the noun election, and both from latin root electio. (I got all this from the Internet but that’s a very complicated tool for many journalists these days.) Such a fancy word for terrorists, huh? Yes. Better call them Israel Defence Forces. IDF sounds much cooler because it goes with this fashion of texting in acronyms, not depicting the reality as it is. For it’s better to say IDK that “I don’t have a fuckin’ clue on that I’m such a fuckin’ ignorant”, IDF is the greatest way to mask “and you believed all that shit about legitimate defense”. (Maybe this is why US citizens still have such a heart on for the Israelis: sharing the same types of complete lack of human knowledge and basic ethic values? More heartbreaking that Love Story and no one dies in the end. Two tickets for Part Two “I Know How Many Palestinians You Killed Last Summer”, please.) And now that I think about it, I recall there was another IDF-like organization back then, a while ago, also in a very fancy acronym… SS? “We provide Social Security but of a different kind.”

I am now 27. My generation has been witnessing this atrocity ever since each one of us came out of our mum’s wombs. When in High School, I remember waking up with the radio, and most of those mornings the news included “X number of palestinians died”. It was the normal. Sadly (for there are fewer things sadder than that) I got used to that. After college, I lived in the Middle East and visited the West Bank. What I experienced is not near the worst of what palestinians have to go through in daily life and yet I could not bear it. Let me go for the captatio benevolentia here: the Holocaust is, needless to say, the pure representation of human evil. It is the proof of how far we did go, how much did we allow to happen, the amount of dignity people may lose – and sorry again for bringing this up but that was aimed especially to the ones who voted for the guy who already had declared his intention was to mass murder more than half of the world’s population. As they vote for Little Stinky Benjamin now, unless they have covered up a coup d’état (this is Mossad we’re talking about). Straight to the point: history exists so that we do not repeat it, right? When you have a boyfriend and he cheats on you, the son of a bitch, cut his balls and serve them baked for dinner. But if you forgive him and he cheats on you again, sorry girl, you’re an idiot. We have seen this before. The exact same piece of smelly cheating. Given the media coverage, the Wikileaks, the tweets… it’s like we’re coming home everyday and there he is, banging another woman. Hence our appalling silence must come to an end. We are not to care anymore, in any way, to be politically correct for the sake of appearances. The State of Israel is a fascist state, that has been sistematically perpetrating illegal invasion, attacks on private property, murder, assassination, murder, assassination, for more than 70 years now, over and over again. And over, and over, again. Murder, slaughtering, assassination. For their own sake only. This is not a radical way to present the reality Palestine has been living in. This is the fucking truth. Our silence has been backing up death, by no means reasonable or justifiable deaths, of millions. Not only we’ve backed the root of their problem from the very beginning, we’ve also backed up the rest of their Arab motherfucker pairs who have been treating them like shit (hello Jordan, hello Lebanon, how you doing today Syria?). Cruelty does not obey any kind of intelligent design, unless for once Allah, Yahveh and beardie Christian God have agreed to something: fuck the Palestinians, they just happened to be at the wrong time, wrong place! Well, that happened to Bill Clinton too and at least the guy got his cock sucked up – several times. Seriously, for all of you to speak up, what do Israelis have to do? Squeeze their lives out of them, condemning them to perpetual poverty? What do they have to do!? Pile Palestinians in camps by families and for generations to come?

(-Oh, wait, aren’t they called refugee camps?
-Yes, but I bet concentration camps were far way worse than that, they’ve looked to be at least more concentrated. Bet the kids still got a playground or something to play in.
-Haha, you’re so right. At least until a missile hits them and kills them all in row.”)

(This is fictional but taken from a dream I had of a couple in Minnesota.)

I am here, in my little appartment in the center of Silent Europe, growing frustrated and angry, unable to sleep, consumed by hatred and despair. And guess what, YouTube’s no vaccination for someone like me. But as everyone else I do have limits. They are my own limits, my Mason-Dixon, my “you shall not pass”.

I demand that, as of now, each and everyone of you eager to debate the so-called Arab-Israeli conflict (here it goes another fancy acronym: WTF) with me, when you go (and you will go) with the “both sides are wrong” truly believing at your hearts that you are the most intelligent and considerate people on earth… Well, putting it nicely, please shut the fuck up.

I demand you all who are financially capable (oh, the islamic reminiscence here) travel to the West Bank -they tell me Gaza is pretty fucked up these days but women, hell, they just overreact- and see first hand what XXI century fascism is.

I demand you to boycott anything, any item, any piece, made or manufactured or ensambled or “designed by Apple” in Israel.

I demand any Israeli citizen to stand up and assure they do not support this fucking unbearable nonsense. The rest of them: to me you are fascists and acolytes of the greatest crime of this century. Shame on you. Go to hell. And get the fuck out of my presence – I am colonizing the air you breathe if able to.

I demand you prove yourselves as human beings and give a fuck about other human beings.

I demand you read.

I demand you care.

I demand you turn this appalling silent into strident clamor.

When they kick in your front door… How you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun?




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